Demographic Information

Madison County AgeNumber %
Preschool (0-4)7,3825.7%
School Age (5-17)20,93316.2%
College Age (18-24)11,8808.4%
Young Adult (25-44)32,26524.9%
Older Adult (45-64)34,85926.9%
Seniors (65+)23,17917.9%
Laborshed/Labor Pool*AgeNumber%
Preschool (0-4)115,5336.7%
School Age (5-17)302,37917.54%
College Age (18-24)165,7219.61%
Young Adult (25-44)472,42527.41%
Older Adult (45-64)433,07325.13%
Seniors (65+)234,46013.60%
 City of AndersonMadison CountyLaborshed*
Yesterday (2010)56,129131,6361,632,767
Today (2017)55,076129,4981,723,591
Tomorrow (2020 Projection)N/A129,6921,769,330
Percent Change (2010 to Today)-1.88%-1.62%5.56%
*Laborshed includes Delaware, Grant, Hamilton, Hancock, Henry, Madison, Marion, and Tipton counties
 15-Minute Drive%
Total Population 25 & Older56,164
Less than 9th Grade1,7383.09%
9th to 12th, No Diploma5,1779.22%
High School Graduate (Including Equivalent)21,40338.11%
Some College, No Degree12,26121.83%
Associate Degree5,2989.43%
Bachelor's Degree7,10112.64%
Graduate or Professional Degree3,1865.67%
High School or Higher87.68%
Bachelor or Higher18.31%
 30-Minute Drive%
Total Population 25 & Older223,903
Less than 9th Grade4,3411.94%
9th to 12th, No Diploma12,2295.46%
High School Graduate (Including Equivalent)58,70626.22%
Some College, No Degree44,19919.74%
Associate Degree18,3138.18%
Bachelor's Degree57,42225.65%
Graduate or Professional Degree28,69312.81%
High School or Higher92.60%
Bachelor or Higher38.46%
 45-Minute Drive%
Total Population 25 & Older806,414
Less than 9th Grade23,4182.90%
9th to 12th, No Diploma59,4037.37%
High School Graduate (Including Equivalent)222,95227.65%
Some College, No Degree160,79519.94%
Associate Degree59,0887.33%
Bachelor's Degree180,21022.35%
Graduate or Professional Degree100,54812.47%
High School or Higher89.73%
Bachelor or Higher34.82%
 Madison CountyIndiana
Median Family Income$56,814$65,227
Median Household Income$45,432$52,182
Per Capita Personal Income$36,691$45,150
Per Capita Money Income$23,680$27,305
Poverty Rate17.4%13.3%
Poverty Rate - Children Under 1824.4%17.8%