Quality of Life

Health Care Facilities

Madison County has three hospitals:

St. Vincent Anderson Regional Hospital

Community Hospital Anderson

St. Vincent Mercy Hospital Elwood

All hospitals are part of large network of hospitals and provide wide range of health and medical services such as emergency service, cancer care, neurosurgery, and maternity services.

In addition, there are three urgent care centers (walk-in clinics) in Madison County, including Med One, MedCheck, and MedExpress. Madison County Community Health Center also provides a full medical and health service including dental care for the uninsured, underinsured, Medicaid, and Medicare populations.

Cost of Living – Housing

According to Sperling’s Best Places, Cost of Living Index for Madison County (Anderson) is 79.3. The Cost of Living for nearby Delaware County (Muncie) was 76.7 while Marion County (Indianapolis) was 84.8.

Home Size                                    Selling Price                                    Rental Price

1,200 SF (Apt/Condo)                                 $100,000                                               $650

2,500 SF (House)                                         $113,000                                                           $1,000

Climate Annual Average

  • Temperature High / Low: 60.4°F/ 42.2°F
  • Number of Days Above 90°F/32°C: 18.4 days
  • Number of Days Below 32°F/0°C: 117.3 days
  • Precipitation: 38.6 inches
  • Number of Days with Precipitation: 110 days
  • Snowfall: 19.4 inches
  • Number of Days with Snow: 7.4 days

The Anderson-Madison County area is not known for many natural disasters such as hurricanes, wildfire, or earthquakes. Tornadoes are possible just as in any parts of the Midwest United States, though the Anderson-Madison County area has not had any damages from tornado touchdowns recently. According to the National Center for Environmental Information (NOAA), the average annual number of tornadoes (1991-2010) is 22 in the entire state of Indiana.

Recreational & Cultural Amenities

For a list of a few of the recreational options for Madison County, click here.