The Anderson Advanced Manufacturing Program (AAMP) is a job training program that works with both educational and corporate partners to fill vacant positions with graduates who show proper work ethic and basic skill levels required by our area manufacturers. The results cut training costs, reduce employee turnover, fill vacant positions and give residents the opportunity to attain a wage above the 200% FPL threshold. Aligning with our corporate partners’ needs, this program is set to engage both the unemployed and underemployed through an intensive screening process under rigid attendance rules that includes background checks, drug screens, ACT WorkKeys exam at Level 3, and multiple interviews. With Anderson expecting 1,000 – 1,500 new employment opportunities over the next few years, AAMP will ensure that employers have qualified and prepared candidates that can meet both current and future demands.

Four local manufacturing employers (NTN, NTK, Red Gold, and Sirmax) have participated in crafting both the employment screening requirements and curriculum development to ensure that graduates of the AAMP program meet minimum employment standards to entry level jobs. The program is open to additional company participation.

AAMP is currently staffed by four credentialed Purdue instructors, providing curriculum instruction in their content area of expertise, and one instructor from the Center for Employee Development who specializes as a LEAN practitioner and oversees the students’ immersive learning experience on the LEAN simulator. The Purdue instructors bring expertise in industry and education to the area of mechanical engineering technology, industrial engineering technology, and organizational leadership.

Hard skills addressed in the program curriculum are aimed at addressing the practical requirements of our industry partners. Students receive comprehensive introductory training in geometric dimensions, tolerances, calipers, and micrometers. Training is modeled after that actual jobs that students will be applying for to ensure their understanding of the necessary functions and quality assurance expected of the partner employers. A minimum of 24 hours of hands-on manufacturing simulation experience in incorporated during the 160 hours of training, as well as additional hours spent on site visits to the partner facilities.

Soft skills addressed in the curriculum include basic employee expectations that are modeled and put into practice during the training course including appropriate dress, hygiene, harassment, attendance, and safety. Students are also exposed to training for improving conflict resolution skills, communication, diversity, resume preparation, and mock interviews.

Stipends for training are issued through the City of Anderson with candidates receiving a 1099. During the alpha pilot phase candidates were paid $10/hour. We intend to increase this stipend to $12/hour in order to attract a greater pool of qualified candidates. Trainees are paid by check the Friday following each week of completed training.

As of October 2019, the AAMP program has:

  • 45 individuals selected for participation
  • 36 fully completed the AAMP program
  • 66 offers of employment were made from employer partners

For more information about the AAMP program, click here.